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Shadow of the Cross
The streets were lined with people.
The crowd was pressing in.
Then Jesus fell exhausted
As their hatred fell on Him.
His cross was rough and heavy.
I witnessed love’s great cost
As I followed Christ up Calv’ry’s hill
In the shadow of the cross,
In the shadow of the cross.The soldiers did their duty
With coldness on each face.
Christ offered them forgiveness
As the spikes were nailed in place.
His blood was freely given.
His wounds He bore for us.
Then He died as I stood watching there
In the shadow of the cross,
In the shadow of the cross.This life that I’ve been given
Belongs to Jesus Christ
Who purchased my redemption
When He died to pay its price.
I owe Him full surrender
For all salvation cost.
I will live to serve my loving Christ
In the shadow of the cross.

from Calvary’s Mountain by Frazor Evangelistic Team

Words: Ron Hamilton and Cheryl Reid
Music: Jonathan Hamilton
Arranged: Shelly Hamilton and Brian Buda