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In Christ I find the source of all earth’s loving, the universe of peace and trust divine. I find the satisfaction borne of knowing forever I am His and He is mine.

In Christ I find a harbor from the tempest, a refuge safe to guard throughout the test. I find in Him a shelter from the darkness as safely in His arms my soul does rest.

In Christ I find the bread that leaves no hunger, the wine that leaves no thirst within the heart. I find the warmth of love that Jesus gives, the blessing of its riches to impart.

In Christ I find an endless realm of beauty, a garden cool, assuaging sorted heat, I find a matchless wonder of His presence as I in prayer abide at Jesus’ feet.

In Christ I find the greatest human treasures, the washing white from sin, salvation free, in Him is found a joy that knows no measure, the gift of one who gave His all for me.

In Christ I find all love, all joy, all blessing, I find the peace that shares with doubt no part.

In Christ I find the gate to heaven’s glory, in Christ the Christ who dwells within my heart.

By John Macarthur, The Sufficiency of Christ – February 1987