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“We are in no position as creatures to dictate to our Creator what he may or should be like. God is absolute reality. He was there before anything else was, and he did not come into being, but always was. Therefore nobody made him the way he is, and there is no reason he is the way he is. He simply is. That is his name: “I Am Who I Am” (Exodus 3:14). Our role is not to say what can and can’t be in God, but to learn who he is and who we are, and to shape our lives according to his reality – his will. We submit to the way he is. He doesn’t submit to the way we are or the way we think he should be.”

Quote by John Piper from:

The Spirit Helps Us in Our Weakness, Part 1
May 26, 2002
  by John Piper  Scripture: Romans 8:25-27 | Topic: The Trinity
Series: Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written

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