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It is very sad and it grieves to know that many professing church pastors and “evangelists” today are not faithful to their calling to make a full and accurate presentation of Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many present Jesus as simply a mean to an end. To suit their whims and fancies of their own humanistic theology and bellies, they present a false “christ” and a perverted “gospel” like “Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour will not only save you from sin and hell, but also give to you health, ….., favour, the power to get wealth, all good things you can think of and more.” This perversion of the Gospel invitation sadly robs Christ of His true accomplishments in the Cross and the Glory due to God alone. This type of false and perverted Gospel invitation directs sinners away from true faith and repentance found in Jesus Christ alone. Such perversion of the Gospel turns sinners to seek a “lesser god”, more like a “golden calf”, definitely not the Lord Jesus Christ and God of the Bible .

For some faithful preaching, check this video out. This video on an open air sermon by a nameless preacher to the homeless community in Detroit that stay in a large underground plaza underneath the city of Detroit.

Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to homeless of city of Detroit
Under the City Evangelism:

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