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God in His grace will see to it that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be transmitted and preached by His messengers to every tongue and tribe in the entire world before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ at His 2nd coming. God raised up one of the greatest evangelists of all time to reach out to the Chinese people in China and those scattered outside of China.

William E. Schubert in “I REMEMBER JOHN SUNG” said, “Dr. Sung was probably the greatest preacher of this century. I have heard almost all the great preachers from 1910 until now, including R. A. Torrey, Billy Sunday, Henry Jowett, the great holiness preachers, the Methodist bishops, including Bishop Quayle, even Harry Emerson Fosdick, who set a great example of the homiletic art, though I did not agree with him, and finally Billy Graham. Yet John Sung surpassed them all in pulpit power, attested by amazing and enduring results, …..”

Today, many Chinese churches outside of China (in South East Asia and Taiwan) had their original roots through the ministry of this worthy servant of the Lord: John Sung Shang Chieh (traditional Chinese: 宋尚節; simplified Chinese: 宋尚节; pinyin: Sòng ShàngJíe; (29 September 1901 – 18 August 1944) was a faithful Chinese Christian evangelist who was greatly used by the Lord in the revival movement among the Chinese in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia during the 1920s and 1930s.

Our Almighty and Everlasting God has been merciful and gracious to the Chinese. He sent His servant John Sung to shine the glorious light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach millions of Chinese. John Sung sowed a lasting legacy of faithful believers who have reaped more than hundred folds many times over.

Though, I was came into this world long after John Sung has passed away, I came to know the Lord through the ministries of faithful believers who came to the Lord through the preaching of John Sung in the past.

Thank You Lord for John Sung !

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